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Nha Trang

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Schedule of our half-day trip in Nha Trang:

-7h20 : meeting at our shop / we pick you up at your hotel
-8h : departure of the boat
-9h : start of the first dive (50min-1h)
-10h-11h : on the boat.You'll get some tea, coffee, sandwiches, fruits. The boat moves to the second divesite.
-11h : start of the second dive
-12h : the boat departs again
-13h-13h30 : we come back to our office / bring you back to your hotel.

If possible, you have to come by in our divecenter the day before your diving day so we can proceed with the final booking. If you come with the night bus/train and arrive around 6am in the morning, please confirm your diving trip by email and come by our dive center as early as possible after your arrival.

Here our divesites in Nha Trang:
Sail RockThe Big Wall

This dive is a vertical drop of 20m to 35m with an incredible quantity of soft coral (Dendronephthya) with a great variety of colours. Marine life here ranges from Groupers, Jacks, Parrot Fishes, Stingrays, Angel Fishes, Lion Fishes and Butterfly Fishes.
diveThe Small Wall

A drop of 18 m and a slop to 25 m. At 20m there is a big rock covered with rare green coral (Tubastrea Microntha) also (Tubastrea Aurea) a golden coral. Here you will encounter black and red Lion Fishes, Bat Fishes, Longfin Banner Fishes (Heniochus) and sometimes even the rare Frog Fish.
The Cave

A nice reef starting at 5m then slowly descends to 22/25 m. This site has an open cave to swim through from 9 to 6m depth. During the dive the coral is nice, you can see nudibranches, Lion Fishes, Cowries (Ovula Ovum), Octopus, Trigger Fishes, Parrot Fishes and beautiful Clown Fishes along with christmas trees (Spirobranchus) and Feather Stars (Crinoides).
Coral Garden

The site is from 3 to 16m with a very nice coral reef. There are some beautiful Clown Fishes, Butterfly Fishes Gobies (Puellaris, Albimaculatus) and Blennies (Midas, Bicolor). This site is a very good place to do try dive's and open water courses.
Moray Beach

This is 3 to 18m dive, the best place to try dive or for Open Water Course. Starting on the sand where we can see Scorpion Fishes, Lion Fishes, Clown Fishes, rare Black Frog Fish and White Frog Fish. The splanded coral reef continues to the moray cave. Three giant moray (2 Javanicus and 1 beautiful Favagineus) close by we can find some network pipe fishes and two Multibar Pipe Fishes, razor Fishes and Trumpet Fishes. At the end of the dive, at 3m, in a small cave are 2 nice Leaf Fishes (Taenianotus Triacantus) and a big Stone Fish. Sometimes we encounter one or two extemely rare Devil Scorpion Fishes, who walk on the sand area.
South Reef

From 6 to 25m. There is a nice coral reef at 6m. A small wall to 15m with a very good coral especially Acropora. The area has many different Coral Fishes and a variety of Shrimps species from White Banded Cleaner Shrimps (Amboinensis), Cleaner Shrimps (Antonbruunii), Hingebeak Shrimps (Durbanensis) to the elegant Periclimenes Longicarpus on the coral Sinuosa.
Night DiveNight Dive

This is a great opportunity to experience all the different animals that come out at night after hiding amoug the corals in the day. There are Sea Horses, Shrimps, Crabs, giant Spanish Dancer, and some beautiful Clown Fishes sleeping in their sea anemones. Depth on this is 3 to 12m and a pleasant relaxed dive.


You can find under this link informations about NHA TRANG CITY!


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